24V 80Ah Lithium Battery Pack

24V 80Ah LiFePO4 Battery

24V 80Ah Lithium Battery Pack 

Product Brief Description

Li Power Battery pack are assembled with well-prepared battery pack, built- in BMS / PCB and metal box as a whole system.

Li Power lithium battery is with high quality at reasonable prices. the battery is made from extensive R&D and a special chemical process whilst complying with those strict ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 quality and manufacturing standards.

Key Point

Product   Name24V 80Ah LFP   battery
Model NoLiLFP2480-M
Dimension L x W x H210X190X190mm
Rated voltage25.6V 
Rated Capacity80Ah
Internal resistance≤90mΩ
Discharge cutoff voltage19.2V
Charge cutoff voltage29.2V
Max. charging current40A  
Rated discharge current30A
Peak current120±3A   3S
Rated discharge current30A
Operating temperatureCharging   0~45℃
Discharge -40~60℃
Storage temperature (60-80% SOC storage, need to recharge every   2 months-10~35℃
Cycle life4000   cycles remain more than 70% 


  • High safety with advanced built-in Battery Management System

  • 98% energy efficiency

  • Compatible with most Lead-Acid chargers

  • 100% maintenance free

  • Li Power can offer 3-year commercial guarantee as standard, extendable to 5 years

  • High energy density

  • No environment pollution

  • Safe and reliable, non-explosive under piercing, non-incinerated under over voltage.

  • Low self discharge

  • About 1/3 the weight of lead-acid batteries

  • Easy installation and carrying, can be carried and installed in any direction

  • Wide temperature performance

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Li Power Lithium-ion batteries VS  lead-acid batteries


  • High energy density: less weight, more energy

  • High discharging currents

  • High charging currents

  • High charging and discharging efficiency (very little energy loss)

  • Long battery life (up to six times the battery life of a lead-acid battery)

  • Higher continuous power available

Strict Cell test and battery pack test

Below test would be operated.

Capacity test, short circuit test, high current discharge test, overcharge test, low temperature test etc.

Typical Applications

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  • How safe are Li Power lithium batteries ?

         Li Power batteries are using Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry (LiFePO4) that is one of the most safe Lithium-Ion technology. Thermal runaway temperature  for this chemistry  can be 500- 700°C, is non-flammable and non-hazardous. Even when punctures through the LFP cell, does not catch fire and burn.

        Each battery is embeded a high quality Battery Management System (BMS) that ensure a safeguard role during battery operation.


  • How do I charge a PowerBrick+ Lithium-ion battery ?

        Suggest to use a Lithium charger to keep a better lifespan.

  • How long does a PowerBrick+ battery last ?

        3000 complete charge and discharge cycles at 80% DoD (Depth of Discharge). After 3000 cycles, you will still have over 80% of usable energy left.

        5000 complete charge and discharge cycles at 70% DoD (Depth of Discharge). After 5000 cycles, you will still have over 70% of usable energy left.

  •  Is it OK to print my logo on battery product?

        Yes. we can offer.


  • Is it OK to ship to our hand?

       Yes, we can


  • Can I have the customized package?

      Yes. customized print logo is available.


  • Can you accept OEM and ODM services?

      Yes, just tell me your requirements and we will provide you with the best solution